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Commercial Locksmith Services

Our team of professional commercial locksmith technicians offers a complete and comprehensive array of commercial security solutions. These solutions are designed to increase overall security and safety at businesses of all types and sizes.

For years Advanced County Locksmiths has been assisting in and providing security solutions for businesses in the Greater Union Area.


We carry and service nearly any locking device used in commercial buildings today. From rekeying to new lock installations, we can provide you with the highest quality commercial services at the most competitive price. When it comes to your business' safety and security, you need a trusted locksmith to keep your business secure. Choose experience and stability; with Advanced County Locksmiths, your prompt and dependable security services are just a phone call away.


Rekeying Services

Commercial Locks Installed

High Security Lock Solutions

Panic Bars and Emergency Exit Door Devices Installed

Master Key Systems Created

Biometric Locks Installed

Lock-out Eviction Services

Door Closers Installed and Adjusted

File Cabinet and Desk Locks Installed 

Digital and Mechanical Access Control Solutions

Lock Repair

Commercial Safes (Combination changes, repairs, installed)


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Electric Strikes

Electric strikes are the workhorse of access control systems, intercoms, and other door systems. When they are not functioning properly, the whole system is unresponsive. This needs to be maintained by a professional access control technician.


Our experienced access control technicians are trained to work on various low voltage electric strikes. While also having the ability to diagnose and solve any other issues regarding the lock itself. We will run the needed wire for communications between the electrified hardware. We will also install the electric strike, door closers, and the mechanical locks. Regardless of what type of lock is currently on the door, we have the electric strike solution for it.


Door Closures

Our experienced locksmiths have installed many different types and styles of door closers. No matter what type of door you have we have a door closer solution that will work for your business.


The installation of a door closer provides a necessary function for every business. Call today for your free door closer assessment.


Panic Bars and Alarm Exit Devices

To comply with standard fire codes, more than likely your business will require panic bars or alarm exit devices. These devices provide egress during emergencies for employees and or customers. So they must operate correctly 100% of the time after being installed.


We can replace or repair any exit alarm device, on any door. Their main function is to prevent unauthorized egress from a side or back door. This allows you to focus on your business without having to constantly monitor the exit itself.


Master Key System Setup

Our experienced locksmiths can help you get a master key system established. A master key system is one of the best ways to customize the security restrictions in your office or building. With a master key system, employees are provided restricted access to only certain door locks. While maintenance, management, and other high ranking individuals are given the master key that will unlock all the doors within the building. This is an ideal security solution our commercial locksmith technicians can provide for your business.


If you want to keep your business safe from unnecessary thefts, then you know how important security is. You may also need to give your employees easy access to sections of your office building to do their job effectively. Balancing these two things should not have to be a difficult task, but master key systems present a simple, effective solution. Master key systems are entirely customizable by the owner of the business, giving you multiple tiers of “access privileges”. This allows you to design a purposeful security system that works for your business and employees; while not interfering with future commercial locksmith services or products installed at a later date.

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